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This is a fan-made wiki made for the documentation of the lore, religions, and mechanics found in the After the End mod. Any input is appreciated and strategy guides are welcome!

About the Mod Edit

After the End is a total conversion mod for Crusader Kings 2 that changes the setting of the game from medieval Europe to post-apocalyptic North America several hundred years after an unspecified cataclysm commonly known as The Event. A variety of different starting positions, from the warring states of California to the horselands of the Great Plains to the capitalistic burghers of New York, guarantees for an interesting game.

Currently, the mod is still a work in-progress (currently version 0.9). You can download the mod from the dev page on Also, feel free to discuss any problems or ideas for the mod on the Paradox forum. Links for these sites are provided at the bottom of the page.


Here are some informative guides to learn about this amazing mod from:





Links Edit The official wiki. The dev website. The paradox forums thread. The subreddit.

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