K comancheria
Coat of Arms
Location of Comancheria in the Great Plains/Southwest.
Vital statistics
Type Catholic Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture Feudal
Level Kingdom
Location Great Plains/Southwest
Inhabitants Unknown

Comancheria is a kingdom level Catholic Comanche feudal kingdom in the Great Plains/Southwest. As of July 4th, 2666, it is led by King Nokona Pahayoko. Its capital is Fort Sill (322).

History Edit

First Glance Edit

Comancheria starts the game as one of its few kingdoms, the largest Catholic realm by land area, and possibly the strongest (Iowa being its main competition). It has a capable King and a secure bloodline, and uses the familiar Catholic mechanics, making it a good starting point for someone just getting into After the End. Furthermore, Comancheria's Comanche culture allows it access to the powerful horse archers of the Great Plains Indians, giving it the potential for extremely strong cavalry armies.

However, Comancheria is not without problems--the main one being cultural. Comancheria's Texan vassals will be constantly at odds with being ruled by an Indian, meaning the kingdom may just as easily decay into infighting as become a southern bulwark of Catholicism. A deft hand will be required if you want to bring the Lone Star back, without giving up your horseman's heritage.

Strategy Edit

Comancheria needs to consolidate its position quickly before Rio Grande to the south manages to consolidate and start pushing hard into Texas, or it'll never bring the Lone Star back. Amarillo and the Fifty-One are your logical first targets, securing the West against the Atomicists, followed by targets of opportunity among the Texan dukes. Watch your own vassals' opinions--you'll never placate them all forever, so figure out how to keep the inevitable rebellions as small as you can and the remnants loyal afterwards. Befriend Sequyoah and your northern neighbors--nothing you want is in either direction and you'll need the friends when Rio Grande comes knocking. If a Crusade for Louisiana comes up and you're not doing anything else at the moment, take advantage! Setting up your dynasty on a Catholic Louisiana can give you an extremely powerful ally, and one that will likely have enough to worry about in his own court that he won't try and backclaim your throne.