The Norse are Pagans centered in Pre-War Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the northern peninsula of Michigan, who believe that the Gods of their Norse ancestors struck down humanity because they had grown soft and weak. To remedy this, the modern Norse continue in the way of their Viking ancestors, raiding, pillaging, and conquering all who stand in their way.

History Edit

The Norse were not particularly strong themselves until Albert Soady came along. He gathered thousands of soldiers and went down the Mississippi River, up the Atlantic coast, and through the Great Lakes, pillaging and exacting tribute from every city he came across. When he returned, he used his loot to form the Kingdom of Superior, giving his Norse followers lands and plunder. When he died, however, his Kingdom died with him. Now the Norse lords fight among themselves, while raiding any other city that dare to... well, any city that exists, basically.

Holy Sites Edit

  • Twin Cities: Once home to a great band of warriors known as "the Vikings".
  • Green Bay: While not as Viking-ish as Twin Cities, Green Bay was also home to another fierce warrior band.
  • Soo: A key point into the other Lakes from Lake Superior.
  • Chicago: Known as "Vindgarðr" to the Norse, Chicago is the Gate to the Mississippi River, and the wealthy Catholic lands Beyond.
  • Detroit: Detroit not only controls the flow between the Great Lakes Huron and Erie, but also is a key land route from America to Canada.

Mechanics Edit

As with all Pagan religions, the Norse faith can be reformed in the usual way. The Lord who reforms the faith will become the Religious leader, or Fylkir. On reformation, a Holy order called "The Fylkir's Hundreds" will become available for all Norse Lords.

Norse Lords will also recieve a penalty when at peace for too long.

Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Badgerlings
  • Barago-L'Anse
  • Beargrease
  • Chippewa
  • Copperland
  • Escanaba
  • Green Bay
  • Mandon
  • Marquette
  • Mille Lacs
  • Minnesota
  • The Northwoods
  • Pembina
  • Sheyenne
  • Soo
  • St. Anthony
  • Superior
  • Upnorth
  • Winnebago