When America was at it's height, there were books and signs advertising marvelous products. Machines that would run autonomously, potions that could cure all ills, or attract mates,and every item imaginable that could make a person's life that much more convenient. These were found in massive temples called "Malls", which would attract hundreds of pilgrims every day!

When America fell, though, all this was lost. Now, in the 27th century, The Prophet has decreed that it shall be regained. The Almighty Dollar shall once again reign over America!

Uprising Edit

The Prophet can rise in any kingdom on the map, but is 25% more likely to do so if the Kingdom holds Manhattan, Chicago, Detroit, or Los Angeles. If he is defeated, another will rise soon after. If he is victorious, he will gain the Kingdom title, 5,000 wealth, and 500 prestige.

As a Nation... Edit

After the initial uprising, The Prophet will keep his spawned troops and personally gain all the land that was occupied. He will also be able to convert provinces to Consumerism, via special event, even though the inital Moral Authority is very low.

Later on, the Consumerist Kingdom can send out investors. Investors will reside in a foreign rulers court, and provide monetary benefits. Later, he/she can buy or sell a special pre-event item to/from said ruler, and even has a chance to convert him/her.