The Event Edit

The Event was the cause of the apocolyptic destruction of modern civilization some 600 years before the mod's start date of 2666 AD

The mod developers have deliberately left the exact details of what The Event was ambiguous, leaving it up to speculation. Potential options for what happened include:

- An all-out nuclear war (based on the time it's taken to rebuild and the negligible rate of technological recovery it would need to be the most extreme nuclear exchange in any notable fictional universe, exceeding even that of the Fallout saga)

- A large asteroid or comet impact (either a natural event, or artificially caused by such an object's trajectory being intentionally altered)

- A global pandemic (either naturally-evolved or genetically engineered)

- An agriculture-destroying blight "pandemic" that led to mass starvation

- One or more super volcanic eruptions (either naturally-erupting or being intentionally set off)

- The appearance, rapid global spread and extinction of a genetically-engineered superpredator

- Uncontrollable runaway climate change

- Machines becoming advanced enough to rebel from their masters

- Other worldly creatures from the sky attacking (Aliens)

- God(s) destroying human civilization, something certainly believed by some of the inhabitants of the world

- Global Financial Collapse resulting in the death throes of civilization

- A combination of two or more of the above