The Mouse is a ducal level Gulfard Americanist tribe based in Central Florida, led by High Chief Elias Waltney as of July 4th, 2666. Its capital is Orlando (1091).

Strategy Guide Edit

Don't let the silly name fool you; as of 2666, the tribe of the Mouse is in a challenging predicament. It is the last Americanist tribe south of the Deep South, and it is surrounded by Non-Americanist enemies. On its south lies the mighty upstart Caribbean Empire, which reigns over the Republic of Miami. To the west lies the pirates of Seminole, centered in the cove of Tampa. And to the north lies the great Holy Columbian Confederacy, separated from The Mouse by a thin line of buffer states. All neighbors except the pirates and buffer states are of foreign cultures, and all neighbors except Steinhatchee are of different religions. As such, one can expect some hostility. In addition, all of your neighbors are feudal while you are tribal.

Your Starting Dynasty: The Waltneys Edit

As of 2666, the tribe of the Mouse is ruled by the Waltney dynasty. At the start, the Waltneys start with two known members.

  1. Elias Waltney, High Chief of the Mouse. You, if you choose to start as them. Is a grey eminence, and a poet, but otherwise completely randomized at the start. Has Gulfard culture and Disneyfied variant of Americanist faith. Starts unmarried with no children
  2. Willow Waltney. Not related to Elias, but still part of the dynasty; Elias's heir at the start. Has Gulfard culture, but follows the Evangelical religion rather than Disneyfied variant of Americanist faith. Starts unmarried with no children.

The Waltney dynasty starts with 25 prestige.

First Steps Edit

Firstly, you are going to want to marry to start the propagation of your dynasty and get stats. Once that is settled, it is time to examine your country. You have 6 counties under your control, with three of those under the rule of vassal chiefs. To fully take advantage of your demesne, you are going to want to get out of the tribal stage. You will be constrained in you expansion; even if you manage to take out the Caribbean Empire in Miami, you are still trapped in Florida by the H.C.C. Your first declaration of war should be against the pirates of Seminole, who are fairly weak compared to you. The pirates will likely be attacked the Caribbean Empire should you take too long to declare war, which will only strengthen the Empire's hold on Florida.

History/Religion Edit

Americanism is the de facto state religion of The Mouse. At one time, all of the Florida peninsula was ruled by Americanists. However, recent invasions have led to pirate and Caribbean overlords ruling over the local Americanist faithful. Remaining Americanist rulers in the region are threatened by these invaders, including (and especially) the Tribe of thea Mouse.

Trivia Edit

  • The title name, coat of arms, ruler name, and capital of the Mouse are all references to famous cartoonist and film entrepreneur Walt Disney. It is strongly implied that the inhabitants have special reverence towards the holy Disney due to Walt Disney World Resort being located just outside of Orlando.