Voodoo (or Vodun) is an Afro-syncretic religion based on the beliefs of the Dahomey in West Africa mixed with aspects of Catholicism. Vodouisants believe in a supreme god, Bondye, who is unreachable. Followers therefore pray to the Loa, lesser entities tied to Bondye. Each Loa has a specific aspect; for example, Papa Legba is the guardian of the crossroads, Simbi is the spirit of rain and magicians. Vodouisants can develop a personal relationship with the Loa through practices such as ritual offerings, song, dance, and even allowing themselves to be possessed by the Loa so that they may communicate.

History Edit

The origins of Voodoo go back to Western Africa. Slaves brought to the French colonies in the Caribbean continued their beliefs, and their faith mixed with that of their French overlords. When the French colonies became independent, Catholicism (for the most part) became the official religion, but many citizens continued in their practices. When the Event occurred, Vodouisants were free to practice their religion in the open, and Voodoo is now freely practiced in Haiti, the French Antilles, and is even the state religion of the Kingdom of Louisiane.

Holy Sites Edit

  • Port-au-Prince
  • Le Cap
  • Guadeloupe
  • New Orleans
  • Lake Charles

Mechanics Edit

There is and can exist no religious head of the voodoo faith. Vodouisants can occasionally be possessed by a Loa, which can affect their stats. If a Vodouisant lord has a prisoner, a mixture of rare and potent herbs can be mixed to seperate his soul from his living body, making him a zombi.

Realms at Start of Game Edit

  • Louisiane
  • Mobile
  • Orleans
  • Ouachita